Green Roof & Amenity Spaces: Structural Loads and Fire Safety

Accessible green roofs and amenity spaces are a high growth segment of the global green roof market, which is expected to reach $21.7 billion by 2025. This growth has led to a change in perception: what traditionally has been considered inaccessible and unusable rooftop space, is now being re-envisioned for its social and economic value.    

Green spaces and amenity areas are increasingly being included in architectural designs of healthcare facilities, offices, hotels, and urban residential housing, as they add outdoor spaces without increasing the building’s structural footprint.

With the addition of people, plants, furniture, and activities to rooftops, it is important to ensure that these elements do not compromise the roof’s structural capacity and these rooftop spaces are designed with fire safety in mind.

This continuing education introductory course, Green Roofs and Amenity Decks: Structural Loads and Fire Safety, aims to provide the design professional with resources and strategies to safely structurally load and design a fire safe green roof/amenity deck project.

This program qualifies for 1.0 LU/PDH/HSW Hours