The GRO Vista modular series and GRO layered green roof systems are the next generation of vegetated systems and are ALWAYS EVOLVING… Their features are based on continuous feedback and updates from code officials, stormwater regulations, designers, and installers across North America.

Which GRO Green Roof System is best suited for your project?

In a GRO Layered System, the depth of the growing media is customizable and can accommodate a variety of small to large-sized vegetation, including trees. This allows for unlimited design options, including amenity rooftop decks, and opportunities for increased biodiversity and stormwater detention and retention.

In a GRO Vista Modular System, trays are pre-assembled with growing media and low maintenance, drought-tolerant plants. The vegetative trays are placed on the roof in configured designs, and often require less expertise for installation.

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GRO Featherweight

The GRO Featherweight system is a novel solution for projects that have weight constraints or value-engineered (VE) budgets. The engineered soil composition is slightly higher in organic additives than typical extensive systems, to allow a sufficient nutrient base in a thin profile. Irrigation is highly recommended for this system, to sustain unforeseen drought conditions.

Depth: 2.5” | Sat. Weight: 17 psf | H₂O Ret.: 0.6 gal/sf

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GRO 2+1

The GRO 2+1 is the perfect balance of maximum water retention within a lower-weight system. This synergy of engineered soil and premium rock wool, allows the system to work in harmony and provide the vegetation with needed nutrients and aeration, while retaining as much stormwater as a standard 4” deep system.

Depth: 3.5” | Sat. Weight: 23 psf | H₂O Ret.: 1.3 gal/sf

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GRO Classic

The GRO Classic is a cost-effective system that meets minimum depths and stormwater retention requirements for most U.S. cities. This ‘tried & true’ standard of the green roof industry has been proven for many years and will continue to be specified.

Depth: 4.5” | Sat. Weight: 33 psf | H₂O Ret.: 1.3 gal/sf

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GRO Waterhog & Waterhog XL

The GRO WaterHog & WaterHog XL are high performance and premium systems for stormwater management. The GRO WaterHog has the infrastructure of the Classic system, with the addition of a high-retention drainage mat, that adds almost 25% more retention than the Classic. The GRO WaterHog XL is the standard WaterHog system with an additional 1” layer of premium rock wool, which increases the retention capacity to over 50% above the Classic!

Depth: 5” | Sat. Weight: 37 psf | H₂O Ret.: 1.7 gal/sf
XL — Depth: 6” | Sat. Weight: 43 psf | H₂O Ret.: 2.3 gal/sf

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GRO Vista 4″ Lite

This ultra lightweight system incorporates a special engineered soil blend with aerated components, to meet the weight-sensitive project needs, while still fulfilling needed plant nutritional requirements.

Depth: 4” | Sat. Weight: 20 psf | H₂O Ret.: 1.1 gal/sf

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GRO Vista 4”

The optimal balance for weight restrictions, low-cost, stormwater retention, ease of installation and extensive plant natural habitat. All in one complete system.

Depth: 4” | Sat. Weight: 23-28 psf | H₂O Ret.: 1.3 gal/sf

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GRO Vista 6” & 8”

Deeper systems allow for more options, like greater stormwater retention, larger plant selec- tions, edibles, and a more lush aesthetic.

Depth: 6-8” | Sat. Weight: 35-55 psf | H₂O Ret.: 1.9-2.6 gal/sf

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