Aesthetically breath-taking vertical green systems, available in both live & artificial options. Greenrise offers functional, yet affordable solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. The Greenrise design team can consult with you to choose which one of our system works best for your application and budget.

Living Green Walls

Living Wall System

GRO Living Wall is a living green wall system that creates a naturally lush environment, acts as a natural air filter, reduces energy needs for heating and cooling, and mitigates noise levels. It makes an aesthetically stunning statement, qualifies for LEED points, and provides health, economic, and environmental benefits. Can be free-standing or wall-mounted for use in either indoor or outdoor spaces.

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Artificial Green Walls

Artificial Green Wall System

GRO Artificial Wall is the most realistic and highest-quality artificial green wall solution on the market. Designed to mimic the growing patterns and movement of living plants, the effect is natural, seamless, and random, just like real plant foliage, but with no maintenance required! An affordable solution for creating the look of a beautiful vertical garden in the most challenging environments.

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Living Green Fences

GRO Fences

GRO Fences are pre-grown English or Spanish Canary ivy steel fence trellises that arrive ready to install. They are a natural and instant way to create privacy and intimacy in urban and/or commercial environments. For use in or above the ground, or between/against buildings, using GRO Fence Planter boxes.

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