Living Green Walls


Green Walls, or Living Walls, can reduce energy needs for heating and cooling through natural cooling effects, and can filter air by removing harmful pollutants. Green Walls also add a natural look to man-made surfaces.
Our GROWall system can be used to achieve any Green Wall goal. The system can be free standing or wall mounted and can be used for outdoor or indoor applications. Creative designs can be incorporated with plant colors and patterns.
Our team can consult with you to choose which of our living plant systems will work best for your application and budget.

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Artificial Green Walls


This is the highest-quality realistic green wall system on the market! De- signed by horticulturists to give a totally random effect, that mimics the look of natural foliage. Panels are easy to connect and install, for a seamless look with NO MAINTENANCE.
UV stable & fire rated options available.

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Green Fences


GROFence is a pre-grown green screen that is a simple solution for: privacy, noise-cancellation, or blocking unsightly views or walls.
This can also be accompanied by our aluminum planters with built-in frames.

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