20,000sf of Green Roof Benefits Installed at Salisbury University

New green roof benefits are growing a top the Guerrieri Academic Commons at Salisbury University

Stormwater runoff has been a growing concern and problem in the State of Maryland. Steps are being taken to help reduce the adverse effects of contaminated stormwater runoff in the State. One solution is the addition of green roof benefits on existing and new buildings.  The green roof on top the new Guerrieri Academic Commons building at Salisbury University is a perfect example of this solution in action.

In the summer of 2016, Green Roof Outfitters provided 20,000 square feet of GROWVista 2X-6 (6″ deep)  modules, pre-vegetated with Sedum-Mix Blankets from Sempergreen. Each Sedum-Mix Blanket contains 9 to 15 different species of drought tolerant Sedum plants. These plants are low growing and require low maintenance. The GROWVista 2X system features perforated side walls that allows roots to grow between modules for this deeper system. It is estimated that this green roof will retain almost 40,000 gallons of water per rain event! Other added green roof benefits include creating energy savings, reducing air pollution and making the roof membrane last much longer.