Pervious Pavers

Pervious Walkway Pavers

ThirstyPave Pavers for Walkways, Driveways & Parking Surfaces

ThirstyPave is a line of ceramic-based pervious pavers that actually absorb water! These pavers are fully penetrable and allow rain water to pass both through and around them at a rate of 2 in/min. Because these are pervious pavers, they do not require large gaps between pavers to maintain permeability.

GRO ThirstyPave – Pervious Deck Pavers

GROThirstyPave Pervious Deck Paver

Pervious Deck Paver Stormwater Retention

Pervious Deck Paver Features & Options

Available Sizes

ThirstyPave pavers are available is many sizes —
4”X8”,  8”X8”,  6”X12”,  12”X12”,   and 12”x24”

Multiple Thicknesses

All paver sizes are available in three different thicknesses —
13/16”,  2”,  and  23/16

Color Options

There are several standard color options available including white, gray, black, red, brown, and sand.

ASTM Tested

ASTM C1781 (Infiltration), ASTM C666 (Freeze/Thaw), ASTM C67 (Compression), ASTM C99 (Rupture Strength)

ThirstyPave Deck Pavers



ThirstyPave Specifications