Modular Green Roof Systems

Modular Green Roof System Options

Modular Green Roof System Options

GROWVista™ Vegetated Green Roof Modules are designed for simple cost-effective installation and design flexibility.

Our newest design, the GROWVista 2, offers all the benefits of our original modular system with many enhancements including added stormwater retention and integrated irrigation and air flow channels.

The GROWVista 2X features perforated side walls that extend growing media depths to 6 or 8 inches and allow for soil-to-soil contact between modules. These features make the system ideal for semi-intensive and intensive green roof designs.

Modular Green Roof System - GROWVista-2

GROWVista 2

GROWVista 2 is a 1 ft. x 2 ft. x 4 in. modular green roof system with built-in air flow and irrigation channels. The GROWVista 2 was designed with channels to allow air flow through the system. This helps mitigate wind uplift and supplies oxygen to plant roots. The channels also accommodate irrigation supply lines for all types of irrigation systems, either during installation or post-installation. Deeper reservoirs help the system maximize stormwater retention, which also keeps water available for plants between rainfall events. This module is Ideal for extensive and semi-intensive vegetated green roof designs.

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Modular Green Roof Systems - GROWVista-2 EX

GROWVista 2X

This modular green roof system incorporates the GROWVista 2 module with added perforated extension walls that add 2 – 4 inches of depth increasing system depths to 6 or 8 inches. The perforated side walls create soil-to-soil contact between modules, allowing plant roots, moisture, and nutrients to move freely throughout the system. These modules are ideal for extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive vegetated green roof designs.

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