Green Roof Accessories

Green Roof Accessories

Green Roof Accessories


Green roof accessories can be used to enhance or create customized green roof projects. We offer products that can be used to boost the look of a green roof design and we offer products that boost green roof performance.

Green Roof Edge Treatment

Edge Treatment

Edge Treatment can serve many purposes for a green roof project. Using edge treatment to finish the exposed edges of a green roof area is the most popular application. It can be used to outline or emphasize transitions between deep and shallow areas of green roof. Edge treatment can also be used to help create curved or irregular shaped green roof designs with the GROWVista Modular Green Roof System. In this case, the edge treatment helps keep soil media and plants in place.
Our edge treatment comes in a variety of heights to accommodate a variety of green roof depths. It is made from sturdy aluminum and designed to bend to fit curves and corners. Our edge treatment is also vented to allow for natural drainage.

Sedum Tiles and Mats

Sedum Tiles and Mats

Sedum Tiles and Mats are a perfect option for planting a green roof. Sedum Tiles and Mats are grow to full maturity in a nursery setting. Once mature, they are packaged and shipped to the project location. The Tiles/Mats are laid out like sod on a bed of growing media. The Sedum Tiles and Mats are grown with many different Sedum species and are available with a variety Sedum mixes. Custom mixes can be accommodated and can include non-Sedum species accent plants.
Planting green roofs with Sedum Tiles and Mats offers many advantages over conventional planting methods. Sedum Tiles and Mats are mature when they are installed. This prevents wind score and weed encroachment since there are no bare growing media areas.  There is also the instant gratification factor from a fully mature roof upon installation.

Bulk Green Roof Soil Media

Bulk Green Roof Soil Media

We offer engineered green roof soil media in bulk for our GROWVista Custom Hybrid Method of planting, or for use on traditional layered system green roofs. Our bulk soil media is available in a light-weight extensive blend and a heavier intensive blend. Bulk media is delivered in super sacks.