Economical Benefits


Economical Benefits


Reduces Cooling Costs

Conventional roofing absorbs solar energy and passes it through the building in the form of heat. The vegetation of a green roof uses solar energy to create oxygen and transpire, rather than passing it through the roof. The layers of a green roof also shade the roof and act as an extra layer of insulation. A four-inch-deep extensive modular green roof can offer an insulation value equivalent to R1001. All of this combined reduces heat energy passing through to the building and makes cooling the building more efficient.


Extended Roof Longevity

The growth media and vegetation layers of a green roof protect the underlying waterproofing system from UV degradation and temperature fluctuation. This can extend the life of the waterproofing system up to three times the normal life expectancy.


Improved Labor Efficiency

Unlike traditional green roofs, the GROVista™ modular vegetated-green-roof system offers easy installation and an instant green roof. This lightweight modular system arrives already planted and ready for installation. The GROVista is an all-inclusive package that has a built in drainage layer, lightweight growing media, established plants, and an easy to transport container. There is no need for costly preparations to the roofing membrane, before or after installation, and the whole process takes a fraction of the time it takes to install a traditional green roof. Easy installation translates into reduced labor costs and reduced downtime due to inclement weather conditions. The modules can also be easily removed for repairs or rearranged to change the landscaping design.


Improves PV Solar Panel Efficiency

PV panels perform more efficiently in cooler temperatures. Vegetated green roofs cool the air above them and can help make PV panels more efficient when they are installed in conjunction with the green roof


Creates Added Property Value & Usable Space

An advantageous by-product of having a green roof, is that it typically increases the value of the property (commercial, residential, condo, offices, & etc.). Green roofs provide a win-win scenario for adding beautiful and functional spaces for gathering, and for providing pleasant scenes to higher buildings within view. Green roofs can assist commercial and industrial properties to better blend into their surrounding suburban and rural areas, and can possibly qualify to meet green space requirements needed on a project.