The Green Roof Outfitters’ module is built on the foundation of superior function without sacrificing ease of installation. It encompasses all of the requirements of green roof horticulture experts related to soil depth, adequate drainage, and reservoir capabilities while integrating all of the suggestions from the installers, owners, and architects such as built-in handles, easy installation, connection and irrigation features, and sloped applications. We have taken input from everyone in the industry and created a fully functional and affordable solution for green roofs!

Our mission has always been to provide an easy and affordable green roof solution to the world. We stick to this guiding principle with every new generation of modules we produce. The agile nature of our company allows us to swiftly react to the demands of the market and develop comprehensive product solutions for our clients. We’re not trying to get rich off of the environment… we’re trying to en-rich it!

Combined with aluminum edging Green Roof Outfitter modules can be overfilled to accommodate green roof projects looking for media depths exceeding 4 inches. Deeper growing media depths allows building owners to utilize a much wider variety of plant life perennials, natives, grasses, and sedges to create a unique and layered green roof project. Aluminum edging is available in 4.25in., 6.5in., and 8.5in heights.

Green Roof Outfitters modules can be cut to accommodate curves and oddly shaped green roof footprints.  We recommend that any cut modules be placed within the interior of the green roof footprint to assist in retaining the growing media. GROVista-2 modules are designed to fit seamlessly in concert with our original GROVista-4 modules that may alleviate the need for time-consuming cuttings.

Our GROWVista modular systems can be safely installed on any project with a maximum roof slope of 3:12 without any additional edging restraints. With Aluminum edging restraints the system can accommodate roof slopes of 5:12 with ease.

Yes, custom plantings are available for customers interested in creating their own unique green roof project. Custom plantings require a longer lead time to be grown out by one of our many partnership nurseries.  We encourage you to visit our Regional Plant Species List for additional species options, which fair well where you live.  Plant options are contingent on growing media depth and local climate.  We encourage customers interested in creating their own unique blends to consult with our knowledgeable staff or local horticulturalists to identify the blend of performance and aesthetics.

Green Roof Outfitters offers several options that blend seamlessly into our modular green roof systems. Walkway pavers are available in rubber, wood, or concrete. For a complete product listing please see the Accessories page to identify the perfect match for your next green roof project.

Roof penetrations, perimeters, and obstacles are present on nearly every green roof project. Luckily when you choose Green Roof Outfitters our self-containing modular system removes much of the headache of installing edging and drain boxes required by traditional green roof systems.  Just place Green Roof Outfitter modules where you need them, and leave spaces when a penetration is present, it is as simple as that.  Our modules can also be cut on site  to minimize the amount of bare areas on your green roof.  We recommend that you consult SPRI and FM Global recommendations relating to perimeter and HVAC offsets.

Green Roof Outfitters’ modular system is compatible with almost all brands and types of roofing membranes including TPO, EPDM, PVC, hot fluid applied asphalt, and Built-up roofing membranes.  Please consult your specific roofing manufacturer for specific warranty details.

Edging is an aesthetic addition, not a required component for Green Roof Outfitters’ modular system. We do recommend the use of edging whenever modules are being cut to accommodate curves or unique design requirements.

If visible edges of module containers are a concern for your next green roof project we have got you covered. When using our sedum mats or tile options module edges are hidden beneath the vegetated layer.  If you are obtaining grown out plants we ensure that our modules are slightly overfilled to create a seamless landscape.

Our modules can be attached using our original self-locking fasteners or using zip ties with UV-inhibitors creating a single contiguous system.

Required lead time depends on the type of Green Roof Outfitters products you may be interested in. Our empty modules ship in as little as two weeks, soil-filled modules and fully vegetated sedum mat modules require two to four weeks of lead time, while fully vegetated modules grown from sedum cuttings or custom plantings generally require the longest lead time of 12 weeks.

Our modules are shipped on standard 4×4 pallets. Contact us for more details.

The Green Roof Outfitters system is designed to be simple and easy for anyone to install, including yourself! Supplying your own labor is a great way to shed costs associated with any green roof project however we encourage anyone interested in installing your own green roof project to consult OSHA safety guidelines. CONSULT a professional engineer, architect, etc about structural limitations of your roof and follow OSHA safety guidelines.

No, Green Roof Outfitters does not require certified installers. Our system is designed to be simple and easy to install.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff who can walk you through the installation process.

Extensive green roofs consisting of 4” growing media and sedum variety plants are designed to be low maintenance but do require regular inspection and as-needed maintenance including watering, weeding, and fertilization. Watering your green roof during the critical establishment period of the first two growing seasons is particularly important for the success and longevity of your green roof project.  Plant mortality can expose growing media allowing for the proliferation of unwanted weeds.  A brief overview of expected maintenance duties is summarized below:

  • First month: Inspect green roof twice weekly primarily to irrigate and ensure healthy plant establishment
  • Second month: Inspect green roof once a week to continue irrigation for plant establishment and to remove unwanted weeds early.
  • Remainder of Year One: Inspect roof and supplement irrigation and weed removal at least once every three weeks.
  • Year Two: Inspect roof, supplement irrigation, and remove weeds once a month to ensure that sedum plants are fully established. Fully established green roof plants will begin to outcompete unwanted weeds by depriving them of bare soil patches where they can take root
  • Long-term: Continue to inspect roof and perform as-needed maintenance activities at least four times a year. Additional activities may include fertilizer or herbicide applications.  Areas with extreme heat and periods of prolonged drought will require additional hand watering to help lower growing media surface temperatures and ensure that plants have ample water supplies to thrive.

Green Roof Outfitter modules do no require built in irrigation. However we do recommend that green roofs particularly in hot, dry climates receive regular irrigation to ensure plant survival.  We offer irrigation options to make long-term irrigation as simple a flipping a switch.  Please visit our Irrigation Page for more information on available product packages or contact your Green Roof Outfitters representative for advice and recommendations. LET US HELP YOU FIGURE IT OUT.

  • Uncontrollable weeds
  • Plant die off outside of the winter months
  • Examples of unhealthy plants:

Weeding is paramount to the success of your green roof project.  Left unchecked weeds can quickly become the dominant plant life on your green roof space.  Regular weeding regiments combined with dutiful irrigation methods can greatly improve the look and health of your green roof project while avoiding major maintenance efforts in the future.

Sedum varieties go through regular intervals of growth and die back throughout the year.  If grasses are used on any green roof project regular maintenance should include the removal of dead grass material to prevent possible fire hazards.

Regular maintenance of your green roof is required to promote healthy establishment and proliferation of sedum plant varieties. Green roofs lacking regular irrigation and weeding particularly in the first year are subject to mass die offs, which promote weed proliferation.  Green Roof Outfitters is committed to providing our customers with the best green roof products at installation and forever.  If you have questions regarding the maintenance of your Green Roof Outfitters modular system let our skilled and knowledgeable staff help walk you through the process to ensure success.

  • FIRE: Green Roof Outfitters’ modules have been fire tested and received a Class A fire rating according to ASTM E108 guidelines. A Class A rating means that our modules are nonflammable and do not permit flames to spread across their surface. Please see our Technical Page for additional details.
  • WIND: Green Roof Outfitters offers the industry’s most diverse array of options for connecting modules together using the weight of the entire system as one to combat the effects of wind uplift. Proprietary interlocking pins, zipties with UV inhibitor, or plastic rivets can be used to create a single interlocking system. Combating wind uplift starts at the design stage.  We recommend that that green roofs be designed by engineers or architects based on ANSI/SPRI RP-14 guidelines. GROVISTA 2 modules can further abate wind uplift concerns by incorporating our proprietary roof grid system.

Contact us for project-specific LEED information for your GRO Products

If you have a leak in your roofing membrane you will be glad you chose Green Roof Outfitters. Our modular design allows for the simple removal of modules in the leak vicinity so that repairs can be made.  Once corrected modules can be replaced.  It is as simple as that.

Yes, sedum plants are hardy enough to withstand periodic foot traffic. We recommend varying your paths to prevent unnecessary packing of growing media and plant mortality. For projects requiring accessibility we recommend the implementation of one of our many paver products to create walkways to roof areas or systems requiring easy accessibility.

Green Roof Outfitters’ modules are made of 100% recycled HDPE plastic.

Green Roof Outfitters offers our empty modules available for purchase in Europe, South and Central America, and China. We recommend contacting local nurseries and aggregate suppliers for potential sources of growing media and plant materials locally.  All modular options including empty modules, growing media-filled modules, and fully vegetated modules are available for purchase in Canada.

Green Roof Outfitters’ modules can be placed on an existing roof pending approval from a structural engineer or architect that the roof can support the weight of the system and does not exceed recommended roof pitch.

We recommend that anyone considering a Green Roof Outfitters’ modular roof start by contacting an engineer or architect regarding structural capacity of the roof and confirm compatible roof slope for a proposed project. Once you are sure that a green roof is feasible contact us! We have a team of green roof experts ready to assist you.

Don’t see your question listed above? Submit it to us and let the educated and professional Green Roof Outfitters team help answer any questions related to your next green roof project.