Planting Options


Vegetated Green Roof Plant Options


Plant Mats/Tiles

Plant Mats or Tiles are cultivated like sod and placed over growth media filled modules. This method offers full mature vegetation at the time of installation, shorter lead times for orders, and no visible module lines.  In general, plant mixes are made up of standard varieties of top performing succulents. There are several mixes available for variety and regional adaptability.

Green_Roof_Plants_Accents resized

Plant Mats/Tiles with Accent Plants

Plant Mats or Tiles can be customized with accent plants to add design flare to your green roof project.  Accent plants can be used to create areas of interest – adding texture and contrast.


Custom Grown

Modules are planted and grown out at the nursery using plant cuttings or plugs. This method allows for established plants at the time of installation with a more customized plant selection. Growing schedules may vary, but generally require at least 12-weeks to reach optimal established growth.


Custom Hybrid Design

Achieve customized-extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive vegetated green roof designs using our hybrid-overfill method. Modules can accommodate a wide variety of plant species including ground covers, grasses, perennials, and edibles! This method can allow for a seamless mix of intensive and extensive styles within the same design. This planting option often requires permanent irrigation and planning for more intensive maintenance as you would with traditional intensive landscaping designs.

Illustration of Standard Extensive and Intensive Hybrid Profiles

GROWVista Standard Extensive Profile

GROWVista Intensive Hybrid Profile

Extensive green roof profile - GROWVista-2

Hybrid semi-intensive green roof