Health and Well-Being Benefits


Health & Wellbeing Benefits


Health & Wellness Through Biophilia

Psychological studies of biophilia, an ingrained human attraction to nature and the living world, have shown that the restorative effect of a natural view holds the viewers’ attention, diverts their awareness away from themselves and from worrisome thoughts; thereby improving health.


People living in high-density developments are known to be less susceptible to illness if they have a balcony or terrace roof garden. This is partly due to the additional oxygen, air filtration and humidity control supplied by plants, but also from the therapeutic benefits that result from caring for plants. The variety of sounds, smells, colors and movement provided by plants, although not quantifiable, can add significantly to human health and wellbeing.


Patients in the same hospital, recovering from the same operation, were studied as to the restorative effects of views onto a Healing Garden (a landscaped courtyard) versus a brick wall. The patients with the green view had shorter post-operative stays, took fewer painkillers and had fewer negative evaluation comments from the nurses.


Noise Reduction

The GROVista modular vegetated-green-roof system acts as an insulator and buffer to reduce outside noise pollution that enters through the roof. Studies have shown that green roofs can reduce the indoor noise pollution from outdoor contributors by as much as 10 decibels. Noise-level reductions can provide significant benefits to buildings in noise-impacted areas, such as sites close to airports, highways, construction or industry. This reduction in unwanted noise pollution creates a more productive and peaceful work environment.